Site Projects

Some of the research topics we are working on currently:

  • Magnetic variations around the Earth, and the reasons behind them.


  • Stargazing group in Florida, and other regions. (Email admin for details:  Once we have enough folks interested we will begin moving the stargazing project/group forward. This group will basically meet at certain times through out the year to view stars, have discussions about theory, and just simply enjoy some time with other inquisitive minds.


  • Consideration if we should have an outing team composed of Researchers, as well as individuals from the public to do research. This would be a set team of folks with public involvement in specific research topics. Activities would involve long/short term stay in a research area with the team while exploring, documenting, and assisting in all sorts of positions that would help gather information on a short term period of time. Activities may include, outdoor research, library research, location research, local integration. This idea still needs to be reviewed by our team.


  • Team discussion as to the Models of Research. This requires looking for models to help assist with promoting our work. Given that we are a not-for profit group, the work would be a great way to have models gain exposure to the public, while modeling for a high traffic website. This would not be paid modeling. By modeling for our site, models would have an audience of over 250k folks from around the world. This is still in the discussion phase. Email the admin if interested in modeling:



Feel free to contact us with any topics you feel we should research.


We also offer private research services. Contact our administrator with any questions or needs.








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