Night Sky Photography 4-9-2017

(Celestron Binoculars 3.3 degrees, Facing West, Location Florida West coast, 8MP Camera)

This weekend I decided to head out with my Celestron Binoculars to take pictures through the lenses. Although not an ideal set up for photography it is the available resources we currently have at our disposition due to a prior robbery that occurred at our facility in Bradenton, Florida. Due to this robbery we are slowly trying to regain our astronomy equipment piece by piece. Currently the Celestron binoculars are the best we have, and although useful it is very limited in what it can provide via an 8 Mega Pixel camera.

We are soon upgrading our equipment, but it will be a while before we are able to acquire another $8,000 telescope for deep sky star gazing.

If you wish to donate towards the telescope project feel free to send an email to

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