Sonoluminescence, what possibilities can it bring us?

We are always speculating how other technologies can help our planet and us its residents while at the same time being able to provide energy for us for a long time. It seems that a little known process called Sonoluminescence could be the answer to our ever growing energy concerns. So we can break this topic down into a simple explanation…

Sonoluminescence, could potentially be a dedicated power source much like a nuclear reactor is, but with a “star” at the middle burning at a incredibly hot temperature. This “star”, or ball of light could potentially do the same as a nuclear rod, and superheat fluid in order to provide energy cost effectively.

The fact that the light can be generated effortlessly simply by controlling sound means that it could somehow potentially be an advanced type of power source we can benefit from. Understanding of the Sonoluminescence is limited at best. For a lack of better explanation, we don’t know much about it, but we speculate lots to arrive to the present explanation.

Not everything pertaining this phenomena are known, but judging from the observed features it is safe to say that it can help us make headway in energies science. Below is a video, that helps document the process, and how it happens.


Although poor quality, the video above demonstrates this largely unknown side effect of science.


I believe this technology could very well change our world if properly applied to known physics variables. The technology can provide light, a concentration of energy, easy effortless production, high ability output. In my opinion these qualities allow Sonoluminescence to be a front runner in renewable energy sources. The one hope that  we do have at GlobalResearchers.Org is that it provides perhaps the basic building blocks and understanding on how to create a wormholes in space; perhaps, even allows us to make a portal easily and effortlessly.

If this ends up being a star with many of the observed dynamics, then this would become a bit stranger than I think science can currently explain. It would become a paradox to have a star being created inside a star. The awesome thing about science is that when a new piece of the puzzle is discovered, the known results change at various levels of the equation. It essentially radicalizes our understanding in science in some areas, while other areas remain as if to never be affected by it.


Each discovery in science takes us one step deeper into a whole new level of physics, we believe better understanding of this observation can influence many different bits of understanding that we currently have in physics.

The questions that come to mind are the following:

  • can it help us understand wormholes?
  • Can it expand our understanding of stars, and galaxies?
  • Can it show us how to create a “permanent” star in a lab?
  • Does it create x-rays, or gamma rays?
  • Does it produce more energy output than the sound required to initiate it?
  • Does this mean that there is a new formula for the interaction between sound and light?
  • How does this fit into the current model of our solar system?


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