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logoGlobalResearchers.Org is a website designed to discuss a broad range of topics. Discussion is for entertainment purposes, and in many cases we discuss topics that could potentially better our living as well as our thoughts of the future. Although we are re-launching this website, we have been around as a community since 2008. Composed of a small team of independent researchers with very active lives that enjoy sharing their experiences and thoughts with the public, we strive to deliver a unique perspective with rational thinking and fun articles for your enjoyment.

Although each of us has our own specific interests, we like to document interesting inventions, and ideas that can help provide a brighter future. We are interested in hearing your opinion and we would like to see everyone participate and pitch in their own ideas. With millions of people in this world, and millions of possible outcomes, opinions allow ideas to be refined into something more tangible and useful that could perhaps be implemented in the near future.

Our mentality on research is not to begin the research with a pre-concieved notion, but more of an interest in seeing where the research leads. We understand that sometimes the results may be outlandish, but we remain open to the outcomes in which it takes us. We don’t research to disprove, we research to follow the road to its destination regardless of where the road leads.


This website is not a business entity. It was originally created as a place to post valid documented research. With no affiliation to main stream media, or any other influencing body or individuals GlobalResearchers.Org is proud and able to say that we will never be controlled by any other foreign or domestic entity, or steered by political reasons. We want this website to be fun, and always speak what can be documented or researched. Not being a business entity means that any dollar made from this website will be used to build up our research arsenal, pay for servers or any type of equipment needed for us to complete our research to post on the internet. No income from this website is used for anything else.

We encourage individuals with a great idea to contact us, and promote their great ideas with us. We ask that you contact the websites administrator prior to attempting this in order to prevent a comment/post from being treated as spam by us. We believe that if an idea benefits the world, then the world should have an opportunity to implement and develop the idea to better it for humanity. There are basic elements in which we believe create a good researcher, or analyst:

  • The belief that anything is possible. This belief allows one to research the possible, and impossible with no mental fences. In an era where quantum physics is evolving we are learning that boundaries in science and nature are broken daily, and our analysis of those is what can help us provide a better level of science. By recognizing this we are kept in the firm path that the research will provide the answer, instead of preventing the research to lead you to the right path.
  • The belief that truth can be stranger than fiction. In many cases, the reality of a situation can be much more mysterious than the accepted explanations provided. We find this to be an often occurrence, and one that if not properly recognized can limit our boundaries and achievements.
  • The belief that we are but one species of humans, regardless of nationality, color, or ideals. Regardless of nationality or any other differences whether regional or physical, we must accept that we are but one species of humans. Understanding this allows one to view social differences as cultural differences and allows for a better understanding of regional cultural developments and how they came about. Understand and being able to view humans in this manner allows us to trace the geographical influences in perception, and understanding of the external world to those variables.
  • The understanding that human judgment can prevent development. Having a mental block on the possibility/impossibility of something means that one starts off our research by being biased. This means that not recognizing this automatically makes the research null and void due to it being influenced by the mental limitations the researcher has already placed on the topic. We strive to recognize this and never let it be part of our research. In retrospect we can conclude that many of histories greatest inventors where always viewed as individuals that where borderline insane, simply to be proven geniuses later on in time.


These basic elements we believe make a good researcher, because it allows one to start at a neutral place with no boundaries. Research is not about proving the status quo, it is about finding a way to provide limitless growth that is good for our species as residents of Earth.

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