Weird structures found on Google Earth

As i sat down this morning enjoying a good cup of coffee, i search the news to see what is being reported around the world. Currently i am traveling, and the fact that i do not have access to my myriad of resources/equipment limits how much i can get done from my laptop, and Kali system.

I come across an article, that had little to no information except some pretty interesting photographs that attracted my attention. The headline of the article says,

“What They Found In The Middle Of The Desert Using Google Earth Is Incredibly Freaky”

Of course this attracts my attention. The article was a bit of a let down in the sense that it did not even provide the coordinates for the reported images found on Google Earth as the article claimed. So although there is little to no information i can provide you, and currently do not have the ability to dig up more information I have decided to post it in hopes that someone out there can help clarify or perhaps provide the coordinates for all of us to enjoy and do our own research into the topic. So please accept my apologies in advanced for not being able to presently provide you with the needed information, but i do encourage anyone with an opinion to post, or even provide us with better information to allow GlobalResearchers.Org or any other independent researchers to better explore this topic. Some are speculating it to be a movie set, others claim it is aliens.

Without further delay, here are the images that are linked in the article found on the following website:


Image source:

If you have any information about this structure, or even images taken from the ground as well as coordinates feel free to e-mail the information to


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