Sonoluminescence, what possibilities can it bring us?


We are always speculating how other technologies can help our planet and us its residents while at the same time being able to provide energy for us for a long time. It seems that a little known process called Sonoluminescence could be the answer to our ever growing energy concerns. So we can break this topic down into a simple explanation… Sonoluminescence, could potentially be a dedicated power source much like a nuclear reactor is, but with a “star” at the middle burning at a incredibly hot temperature. This “star”, or…

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Impossible EM drive to be space tested!


  Few days ago American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) confirmed that a research paper about EM Drive has passed peer review and it will be published in December. Now scientists are taking another step to find out if this controversial engine will work in space or not and for this an actual EM Drive is about to be launched into space for the first time. The EM Drive is as controversial as it gets, because although some clear experiments have put forward that such an engine could actually…

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This Is The Cannabis Oil Recipe Rick Simpson Used To Heal His Cancer And Recommends To Others


By: Amanda Froelich Via Someday, everyone will know the name ‘Rick Simpson’. Why? Because, according to sources, the man rediscovered the cure for cancer. After being diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma skin cancer in 2003, Rick underwent conventional treatment and surgery. The Western method of ‘treating’ the issue, however, did little to benefit his condition.   Getting desperate, Rick decided to do something drastic – at least in the eyes of the mainstream. Rick remembered that thirty years prior, the University of Virginia discovered that cannabinoid in cannabis THC could kill…

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Weird structures found on Google Earth


As i sat down this morning enjoying a good cup of coffee, i search the news to see what is being reported around the world. Currently i am traveling, and the fact that i do not have access to my myriad of resources/equipment limits how much i can get done from my laptop, and Kali system. I come across an article, that had little to no information except some pretty interesting photographs that attracted my attention. The headline of the article says, “What They Found In The Middle Of The…

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