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We are always looking for individuals that want to help us bring you news and information from around the world. Any website visitor can contact our Lead Researcher ( with information regarding events, occurrences, on any topic from around the world.

At GlobalResearchers.Org we strive to provide you insight from many parts around the world for your reading entertainment. Contacting us, will always be considered a private matter, and unless the contactee wants us to divulge their information it will remain private. We look for information from the battlefield, research sites around the world, pictures and local folk tales that may relate to a current or past event, and any sort of information that can provide us a better insight or perspective into a situation.

We are located in the USA, and believe that freedom of speech is not just an American value, but a worldwide value that should always be exercised by all residents of Earth.

Make sure to contact one of our researchers, and feel free to provide us information as well as request information from us or inquire about events that may be of interest to you.

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